Sarah Harmer - Oh Little Fire Vinyl LP
Sarah Harmer - Oh Little Fire Vinyl LP

Sarah Harmer - Oh Little Fire Vinyl LP

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Sarah Harmer's 2010 album reissued on limited edition vinyl.

Gavin Brown and I made this record on the top floor of the old red brick Canary building in downtown Toronto. His small studio/storage space had a couple big windows and an iron elevator with pulleys and gates outside its door. I was a fan of Gavin's precise production (Billy Talent), we had toured together for awhile after he played drums on my first album, and we had recorded a few songs on All Of Our Names. When I got close to finishing a batch of songs I called him up to see if he had time to make a record with me.

Gavin had his drum kit set up a few feet from the soundboard, some amps, organs and road cases around the edges of the room, and a small vocal closet. Nice gear, talent and skills, no frills. I stayed at my sister’s place in the east end and walked to the studio or took the streetcar to get to ‘work’ in the late mornings. I remember watching the leaves coming out in the neighbourhood over those spring weeks and calling friends like Kieran Adams, Paul Mathew, Dean Drouillard, Burke Carrol and others to come and lay down some drums, or guitar or pedal steel.

Gavin has always encouraged me to try new things, to play the guitar solo, to play the drums myself. His confidence in me has been influential over the years. He has an incredible touch as a drummer and guitar player, and both an energetic and focused style of recording. We road-tripped east and took the the ferry to Wolfe Island to the home studio of our old friend Chris Brown. There we recorded Spencer Evans on clarinet, Trevor Henderson on lap steel and Chris on B3 and clavinet. We brought all the tracks back to the Canary building and mixed the record with Lenny DeRose. Fave tracks: New Loneliness, The Marble In Your Eye, The Thief, Washington

1. The Thief
2. Captive
3. New Loneliness
4. One Match
5. Careless
6. Washington
7. Late Bloomer
8. The City
9. Silverado
10. The Marble In Your Eye
11. It Will Sail

LP to be released out December 6, 2019