nêhiyawak - nipiy
nêhiyawak - nipiy
nêhiyawak - nipiy
nêhiyawak - nipiy

nêhiyawak - nipiy

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 Pressed on 140g black vinyl with 12x12 lyrics insert 

10x10 screenprint on natural dyed paper
Hand printed in Canada by Rezonance Printing
Rezonance Printing aims to bridge the gap between culture, art, and entrepreneurial skills through the medium of screen-printing.
Rezonance Printing seeks to support Indigenous artists and youth in the pursuit of economic sovereignty, wealth generation and social enterprise via paid apprenticeship programs, community workshops and collaborative arts projects.


1. kisiskâciwanisîpiy pêyak 
2. copper
3. page
4. somnambulist
5. secret 
6. perch
7. ôtênaw
8. starlight
9. tommaso
10. open window
11. disappear
12. kisiskâciwanisîpiy nîso