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Charles Spearin - My City of Starlings

Charles Spearin - My City of Starlings

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My City of Starlings is the new album by multi-instrumentalist composer Charles Spearin known for his work in Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, and countless more. The album is an incredibly dynamic and eclectic blend of instrumental-leaning excursions that were born from a song-a-day recording club of friends and peers from around the world. Beautifully textured, gliding between avant garde, art rock and electronic with cohesion and ease, My City of Starlings foregrounds the masterful touch that Spearin always imbues in his bands' legendary songs and performances.

“What a wonderful record, so much well placed and expressive sound, exquisitely played and crafted. It brings to mind and this is the highest praise I can offer! Jack Nitzche’s soundtrack for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” High praise indeed from me for this terrific record.” - Sam Preko

1. Sympathy & Vegetation
2. Portrait of the Artist as a Thursday 
3. Diaspora
4. Rutting Season
5. Vireos in Bellwoods
6. Three Voices (Braided Carefully) ft. Robin Dann
7. When Tigers Used to Smoke
8. My Heart is an Appaloosa in Canter
9. My City of Starlings
10. Death by Onomatopoea
11. Sometimes it Hurts to be Alive
12. The Morning Dew Lay Heavy on the Grass
13. The Wedding