Jean-Michel Blais - Eviction Sessions

Jean-Michel Blais - Eviction Sessions

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In the spring of 2018, neoclassical pianist Jean-Michel Blais was politely asked to leave the apartment where he had lived since arriving in Montreal a decade ago. Before signing with Arts & Crafts, the only time he'd perform live would be in his apartment once a year for a few dozen friends.

To mark the end of this era, Jean-Michel performed one last concert in his apartment, the same room where his debut album Il was recorded. The result is eviction sessions, a five-song EP to accompany his recent full length, Dans ma main, featuring new, piano-only versions of some of the more electronic-heavy album tracks. Vinyl contains two additional tracks that are exclusive to the LP.

LP Tracklist:
1. blind
2. igloo
3. sans titre
4. god(s)
5. schubert
6. hutchison
7. chanson

Digital Tracklist:
1. blind (acoustique)
2. igloo (acoustique)
3. sans titre (andante)
4. hutchison - (improvisation)
5. chanson (instrumental)