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Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice song book
Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice song book

Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice song book

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Road Regrets
The Indie Queens Are Waiting
Fair Verona
You Silly Git
Tina’s Glorious Comeback
Et les mots croisés
Some People 
Pine For Cedars
Set the Sails

Arrangers Notes:

The arrangements in this songbook are designed for a piano emulating
the strum and picking patterns of the guitars while also capturing the
nuanced melodies, countermelodies, and stylistic feels. The melodies
are notated one octave higher than Dan sings to keep the arrangements
in a brighter register on the piano, although Veda’s vocals in The Indie
Queens Are Waiting are written at pitch. Dan took care to curate the
guitar chord diagrams himself to reflect his often-unique voicing. The
capo details are included as italicized guitar symbols with the concert
pitch chords placed underneath, most interestingly is his use of two
capos on the opening song, Road Regrets. The exception is Set The
Sails which is a direct transcription of the piano that was played on the
original recording. The arrangements range from quite easy to somewhat
advanced, however care was given to ensure playability with oversight
from Dr. Eileen Padgett (DMA) and Dr. Elizabeth Eccleston (DMA).

It was a pleasure and an honour to create this songbook.
Enjoy, and remember to sing your stupid head off!

– Anita Eccleston


Transcription and Arrangements by Anita Eccleston
Words and Music by Dan Mangan
Creative Direction by Peter Carruthers
Director of Publishing - Amy Eligh, Arts & Crafts
Original Album Art Design by Colin Moore
Songbook Layout by Jonny Desilva
Managed by Kieran Roy & Bled Celhyka