American Analog Set - Set Free

American Analog Set - Set Free

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Release Date: September 20th, 2005


The first show Broken Social Scene ever played outside of Toronto was a night in Montreal supporting The American Analog Set. The evening was the start of a mutual respect and friendship that has culminated in the Austin, Texas natives signing to Arts & Crafts. With Set Free, the Amanset celebrate a decade of making music full of a singular grace, patience and wonder. For the uninitiated, we at A&C proudly present your new favourite band. Sweet dreams...



1. Born on the Cusp

2. Immaculate Heart 1

3. Immaculate Heart 2

4. Cool Kids Keep

5. She's Half

6. Jr

7. Play Hurt

8. (Theme from) Everything Ends

9. Sharp Briar

10. The Green Green Grass

11. First of Four

12. Fuck this...I'm Leaving