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Jean-Michel Blais - Il (Deluxe Edition)

Jean-Michel Blais - Il (Deluxe Edition)

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Jean-Michel Blais is a 31 year-old pianist from Montreal, Canada. His enchanting instrumental compositions pair the melodic pop sensibilities of Amélie-era Yann Tiersen and Arts & Crafts alumni Chilly Gonzales with the breathtaking technical skill of classical minimalists like Philip Glass and Erik Satie. Il, his April '16 debut album of original compositions, described by Exclaim as "masterpiece", will be reissued on vinyl and digital with two additional tracks.


Release date: October 7, 2016


1. Hasselblad 4 (Improvisation)
2. il
3. Dada
4. Nostos (feat. Bufflo)
5. Ad Claritatem Domine
6. Hasselblad 2 (Improvisation)
7. Budapest
8. Casa
9. Pour Johanne
10. Rondo majeur (3 mains)