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No Joy - More Faithful

No Joy - More Faithful

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No Joy - More Faithful
Release Date: June 9, 2015

More Faithful is No Joy’s third full-length, and first since joining Arts & Crafts. More Faithful bears the fruits of a band that redefined its work ethic in the gulf of time between recording sessions. The outcome – the juxtaposition of unrest and calm, beauty and chaos, truth and fantasy, in the throes of dimed amps and hair-whipping guitar goddess rock music – is as unwavering as ever. But where Wait To Pleasure balanced textural differences with the freewheeling novelty of the studio environment, More Faithful documents a much more rigorous creative process and performance, one in which the group, recording in NYC and Costa Rica, pushed themselves to new peaks of intensity. All of the record’s eleven songs, in whole or in part, jump at the listener with atypical tunings and key changes, tension from odd time signatures and an upfront rhythmic presence, and the force demonstrated in their live show. It’s the most forward, throttling record No Joy has made to date, taking their set of influences to the wall in a brazen display of beauty-laced power. Shoegaze and ethereal and alternative rock revivals be damned; More Faithful pushes No Joy to the breaking point. They’ve leveled themselves, turning a break-up record into a breakthrough.

1. Remember Nothing
2. Everything New
3. Hollywood Teeth
4. Moon in my Mouth
5. Burial in Twos
6. Corpo Dæmon
7. Bolas
8. Chalk Snake
9. Rude Films
10. I am an Eye Machine
11. Judith