Lucy Rose - No Words Left

Lucy Rose - No Words Left

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Where 2017's album Something’s Changing was an artist rediscovering their voice, No Words Left, is UK singer-songwriter Lucy Rose using that voice to devastatingly frank effect. Lyrically and musically fearless, her 4th studio album is a beautifully intense, but often unsettling listen. It’s a body of work, a fine modern example of the enduring strength of the album format.

“In every way I’ve approached writing, recording and now releasing music, it’s been different. I’ve lost all consciousness in caring and it’s been liberating. It is what it is. It’s a feeling, it’s a song, it’s a sound, it’s a part of me which I can’t decipher whether it’s good or bad, but it’s sincere. I recently learnt that the word sincere is derived from the Latin sine=without, cera=wax due to dishonest sculptors in Rome or Greece covering flaws in their work with wax to deceive the viewer. So a sculpture "without wax" would mean honesty in its perfection."

"That really struck a chord with me as sincerity really is the key to this record. It’s my truth. Sincerity is the truth of a person, not just the good but the bad: the flaws, the realness, which can never be ‘perfect’. This album reflects the reality of my life, the toughness life throws at you, and for a period of time it did become too much for me to handle alone. 

“I could try to explain more about each song but in all honesty, I can’t particularly remember writing them, the feeling being too strong and too big for me to comprehend. But songs came out and through writing them and working through my thoughts I saw the truth lying in front of me and a way to move forward.

“I always hope my music would be a comfort to someone, however this record may not be the easiest listen. But it’s in its discomfort I believe a different form of comfort can be found. I’m certain of it.“

No Words Left is out March 22, 2019. It was recorded in Brighton UK, produced by Tim Bidwelland mixed by Cenzo Townsend.


The "No Words Left" LP comes on white vinyl and a 24” x 12” poster insert.


1. Conversation      
2. No Words Left Pt. 1          
3. Solo(w) 
4. Treat Me Like A Woman
5. The Confines Of This World
6. Just A Moment
7. Nobody Comes Round Here         
8. What Does It Take            
9. Save Me From Your Kindness
10. Pt. 2
11. Song After Song