Lo Talker - A Comedy of Errors
Lo Talker - A Comedy of Errors
Lo Talker - A Comedy of Errors

Lo Talker - A Comedy of Errors

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Available on standard weight black vinyl, and a limited edition baby blue vinyl variant.

A classic psych-tinged opus that reflects the absurdity of modern life in America, Lo Talker's debut album A Comedy Of Errors places the band firmly in the great lineage of Athens, GA luminaries like REM, Of Montreal, Widespread Panic, and the seminal Elephant 6 collective. Founded by vocalist and songwriter Andrew Shepard – who led his prior band Roadkill Ghost Choir to every major festival, onto Late Night With David Letterman, on tour alongside Band of Horses over its eight year run – Lo Talker's music is a reminder that just because the world around us has plunged to new levels of insanity it does not mean that we have to follow suit. With walls of guitar fuzz carefully crafted around sparkling keys and nearly overblown drums, songs like "Don't Hide That Light," "Automatic Love," and "No Champagne" balance Lo Talker's dense sonic array on a tightrope of sardonic humour. Joining Shepard in the band are brother Zach (bass), as well as Alec Stanley (guitar/keyboard), Rhett Fuller (guitar), and Jeremiah Johnson (drums) forming a tight-knit unit that invites the listener into its masterful tongue-in-cheek songcraft. Produced by Kevin Ratterman, known for his work with like-minded southern indie rock like My Morning Jacket and Strand Of Oaks, A Comedy Of Errors is a tonic for the times just as we're starting to see the light.

Deluxe digital download contains unreleased bonus tracks, "AHA", "Turnin' A Blind Eye", "High Strangeness" and "Fantasy Shy".

1. Heaven In Drag
2. Don’t Hide That Light Pt. 1
3. Don’t Hide That Light Pt. 2
4. Unknown Transmission Arrives
5. No Champagne
6. Nero In The News
7. Silvery (Shade Or Shadow)
8. Automatic Love
9. Poor Matador
10. Sift
11. Astral Humming
12. Two Ghosts