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Reuben and the Dark - Coming Like A Storm

Reuben and the Dark - Coming Like A Storm

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The new EP from Reuben and the Dark is out now!

"Coming Like A Storm" finds Reuben and the Dark bandleader Reuben Bullock reflecting on the slow dissolution of a relationship. Out this Friday, the title track of new three song collection captures some of Reuben's most vivid, reflexive songwriting, pairing anthemic melodies with emotive instrumental arrangements. "You said you want to go where nobody has been / And dance on the edge of oblivion / Well I was in a forest under your skin / And darling there’s a dark cloud coming in" sings Bullock over driving percussion, fast-paced acoustic fingerpicking, and dramatic swirling synths on the ominous title track. A striking video for the song arrives today, directed by Reuben and Carly Foulkes, filmed and edited by Jay Lawrence. "Something about the way the world feels so ominous right now. The last couple years...the uncertainty of the future. There is a tension in this one, I wanted to capture the feelings of both confinement and freedom. I also decided to work with producer Joel Shearer, honing in on the most important parts of a song...the heart and pulse.”


1. Coming Like A Storm
2. Timelapse Clouds
3. YES