Gord Downie & Bob Rock - The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk

Gord Downie & Bob Rock - The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk

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The second missive from the collaboration of Gord Downie, the iconic frontman of The Tragically Hip, and Bob Rock, the legendary producer perhaps best known for Metallica's Black Album"The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk" is a rave-up rocker with chiming guitars, galloping drums, and a combustive chorus that underlines the pair's affinity for pop-punk abandon, heard before in The Tragically Hip's "Fireworks," or Rock's work with The Cult and in The Payolas. Steeped in Downie lore – images of the raven "round the housefire's afterglow," and parking lot skipping stones – and delivered with his unparalleled expression, "The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk" instills hope, with a picture perfect chorus of resilience landed from up above: "Some days, I can’t do it/ Sometimes I just can't do it/ The only way around is through it." 

"'The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk' was the first song that Gord and I completed," says Rock, recollecting the recording sessions that began in 2009. "It was a special moment for both of us, as at that point… we saw the future!" More than a decade in the making, the long mythologized collaboration was recently introduced with the single "Lustre Parfait," the title track to a fourteen song album that we now know will be released May 5, 2023 via Arts & CraftsInspired by their brotherhood in rock n’ roll, Lustre Parfait is electrified and resplendent, a deep dedication in reverence to the magnitude of music itself.

The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk is out November 22 as a three-song digital collection with the first salvo Lustre Parfait, and b-side Is There Nowhere. More details on the album soon to follow.

1. The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk
2. Lustre Parfait
3. Is There Nowhere