Romance is Boring and Hello Sadness Vinyl Bundle

Romance is Boring and Hello Sadness Vinyl Bundle

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Hello Sadness:

Remastered, Limited to 1,000 copies, New updated artwork for 2021, with embossed gold 'Hello Sadness’ logo on the cover art. Transparent blue vinyl.

Hello Sadness is Los Campesinos! shooting for a pop album. Not pop-punk, not indie-pop – punchy, pristine pop. But as with everything in life, nothing ever quite goes to plan. Recorded back in 2011, just outside of Figueres, Catalonia, and their first with new members Kim, Jason and Rob, it's an album of break ups, body parts and football. An album that finds bandleader Gareth cracking while the band around him play more frantically, more powerfully than they ever had before. It’s an album that, ten years ago, cemented Los Camp!’s position as més que un band.

Since its original release the band's membership has changed, beloved venues have closed, we are all far older and more jaded. But Hello Sadness still hurts. ‘The Black Bird, The Dark Slope’ swirls desperately, ‘Every Defeat a Divorce (Three Lions)’ serves as a reminder of the dust gathering thicker in the England men's football team’s trophy cabinet, and we, Los Campesinos!’s ‘sad eyed children’, still hang on their every word.
Romance is Boring:
Remastered, 2 x Gold Vinyl, Gatefold, Marketing Sticker, Download Card, printed insert, Limited Pressing to 1500. Digital download also includes the 4-song 'All’s Well That Ends’ EP

Los Campesinos! seemed so sure of themselves in the beginning. Hold On Now, Youngster… was the instantaneous Greatest Hits fronting as a debut; We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed the intentional evil twin. They carried themselves like critical favourites are expected to, with bulletproof taste and highly quotable interviews, studious enough with the canon to have a good laugh at its expense. By comparison, Romance is Boring appeared to be the quintessential third album identity crisis - significantly longer than what preceded it, bursting with ideas, delving into prog and emo and other places hip bands dared not tread in 2010.

Though understandably placed into the lineage of twee-punk bands in the beginning, Romance is Boring began to shift the conversation around Los Campesinos in a way that would only make sense ten years later as a thriving, underground UK emo scene has been largely created in their image. Bands with glockenspiels and streaking reverb guitars, co-ed vocals, tricky wordplay and strident politics: a British American Football that actually sings about football, if you will. Romance is Boring probably didn’t win Los Campesinos! too many new fans in 2010 and it probably cost them a few - but this is the album that created the Los Campesinos! diehard. Is there any other kind?

Pre-orders will include a copy of  'The Universe Replied' An Oral History of Romance Is Boring: The story behind the album 'Romance Is Boring' told by band members past and present, in conversation with Brendan Mattox. From the band's formation through to the recording and touring of the album, and up to the modern day. 88 pages, more than 35,000 words.