Jacques Greene - Feel Infinite

Jacques Greene - Feel Infinite

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1. Fall
2. Feel Infinite
3. To Say
4. True (feat. How To Dress Well)
5. I Won’t Judge
6. Dundas Collapse
7. Real Time
8. Cycles
9. You Can’t Deny
10. Afterglow
11. You See All My Light

“The essence of the record is to draw emotions and moments that above all, feel human within the context of dance music,” says Montreal artist Jacques Greene of his highly anticipated debut album, Feel Infinite, due out March 10 in digital format and March 24 on vinyl via Arts & Crafts. “I want it to be celebratory of all that we feel and do and experience - the beautiful, the good, and the bad.”

Leading with a bright and bombastic new musical statement, brand new single “Real Time” with its driving bass and almost French Touch-inspired sequenced samples is an elastic collision of human performance meets drum machine rigidity. “A track built from something with that human element and energy but with something else than a voice.”

Jacques Greene is the enigmatic, young artist who broke out of a generation of independent electronic labels Uno, 3024, Night Slugs, and LuckyMe as a genre-defining producer and DJ via 2011’s “Another Girl” – one of Pitchfork’s Songs of the Decade, 2013 favourite “On Your Side” ft. How To Dress Well and 2016’s club anthem “You Can’t Deny”. Jacques Greene crafted a musical blueprint that inspired a generation who were raised at the intersection of contemporary music in the 90s: hip hop, RnB, house and techno.

At its heart, Feel Infinite is a record about the utopian idea of club culture - music about the club, as well as for the club in and of itself. Written over the course of two years, this debut album is the purest, most personal expression of the Jacques Greene sound created by the born and raised Montrealer, renowned for collaborating and remixing Tinashe, Radiohead, Sampha, and Shlohmo. Present on the record are Jacques Greene RnB vocal chops that he popularised in new club music - but here he returns to their original purpose: his own reference to Masters Of Work. Where they drew from their primary influence in disco, JG draws upon his own formative chart music.

“I really try to make music that connects people and speaks to the things that bring us together - true club culture was born out of oppression and worked hard to create spaces for its marginalized members,” says Jacques Greene. “The record is more aspirational than escapist - ‘feeling infinite’ is not about forgetting your identity or escaping those things, but rather finding a deeper meaning and truth in them by their unbreakable link to everything else in the world.”

As a debut album Feel Infinite is the culmination of the world of Jacques Greene in that it feels like a closing of a loop that includes a close team of collaborators who are all personal friends and accomplices, the majority of whose roots stem from Montreal’s fiercely independent art and music scenes. The creative spirit of Montreal is imbued within the record so deeply. “I kept the collaborations really limited and to people I have real relationships with - an appreciation and respect for the world around me,” says Jacques Greene of the one vocal collaboration with How To Dress Well and artistic collaborations with visual artist and designer Hassan Rahim, director Melissa Matos (of Trusst), and photographer Mathieu Fortin. “I never want to forget my place within the world - my city, my identity. The record is a very deliberate exercise in kind of consolidating the Jacques Greene world while also throwing nods at influences and the context of my music.”

In 2016, Jacques Greene released the surprise single “You Can’t Deny” to acclaim - a beautifully undeniable, soulful techno record, followed up with “Afterglow”, a euphoric club record - both of which are included on the album alongside a further nine tracks. “Music has always been a personal therapeutic experience for me,” says Jacques Greene. “When things either in my personal life or the world at large feel more chaotic or out of control and ominous - closing it all out and creating something at home is something to hold on to while the room spins.”